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An optometrist or eye doctor is an eye specialist who can diagnose and treat various eye diseases. It's prudent to visit an optometrist regularly in Montgomery or Prattville to take care of your eyesight, detect diseases early, and provide treatment. It's crucial to note that eye conditions can advance quickly and lead to the loss of eyesight, so you shouldn't overlook a visit to an eye doctor.


Most of us visit a dentist for check-ups but not an eye doctor. However, your eyes are equally important. Your vision is essential to your life because it helps you accomplish a lot and see the world's beauty. But what services can you expect to get when you visit an optometrist near me, like Hour Glass Optical?

General Eye Care

This is one of the critical services you can receive at an optometry office. If you have sensitive eyes or live or work in an environment that affects your eyes, you must visit an eye doctor. The optometrist will perform exams and prescribe eye drops or treatment for healthy and clean eyes.

Contacts or Glasses

An optometrist can also prescribe contacts or glasses. These are devices that can help you see better. Before deciding which glasses or contacts suit you best, an eye doctor must examine your eyes to verify whether you need a visual aid. You will then need to undergo an eye exam yearly to change or tweak the prescription over time. This is because there are usually advancements in the medical field, and experts keep innovating better and more modern contacts and glasses.

Routine Eye Exams

Another common service optometrists provide is a routine eye exam. This service is particularly essential for someone with eye issues for a while. Some people develop eye conditions when they are babies and may need to see an eye doctor for the rest of their lives. It is also vital to undergo a routine eye exam annually, even if you have never had eye problems because conditions can develop along the way as you grow.

During your visit, the optometrist near me will assess your eyes to check whether your eye is seeing correctly and perform a pressure test to see whether your eyes have any condition like cataracts. If you have a condition, they will do vision correction and prevent more serious eye problems from arising.

Treating Conditions Like Cataracts and Glaucoma

Cataracts and glaucoma are some of the most common eye conditions in the world. If you don't treat them on time, they can worsen and cause blurred vision. An eye doctor near me can treat these two conditions when you visit their office. They will treat cataracts by doing surgery to remove the clouding in the lens, and they will treat glaucoma by giving you medication or eye drops to reduce the intraocular pressure. Sometimes, they can use surgery or laser therapy to treat glaucoma if it has progressed and eye drops are ineffective.

Visit Glass Hour Optical

At Glass Hour Optical, we can offer these services and help you take good care of your eyes. Look for a location near you as we treat people of all ages, children, and older adults in Montgomery and Prattville. We have competitive prices and quality services. We know how precious and delicate eyes are and are dedicated to helping all our clients attain good eye health. Whether you want vision correction, contacts, glasses, or routine eye exams, your eye doctor near me will offer the service. Call our friendly customer service today to learn more about our services and book an appointment.